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Beads and sequins stitched on rabbit-fur-lined leather gloves

Two Hands, Whole is a story of love, of marriage, of unity. I bought the gloves when I was about 15 in a tiny little shop by the Trevi Fountain in Rome – a most romantic place. The gloves were well worn, much loved, and very much a part of me. The hands are male and female, yin and yang. As with birds, there are similarities, and striking differences, in their designs. The male is bright and bold, attracting immediate attention. The female’s limited palette creates a more subtle beauty. With her eyes, she is all knowing. The two complement each other. Neither would be complete without the other. Hands touch, hold, heal and pray. These hands are a flower, a new life, a rebirth of hope and eternity. They are two parts of one whole.

beadwork by ann laase bailey leather gloves covered with seed beads and sequins
Two Hands, Whole - view 2