Ann Laase Bailey - bead, acrylic & mixed media artist
Original Art
To purchase original art using a credit or debit card, or a Paypal account, just click on the price. Or contact the artist.
Prices listed include shipping costs within the US and New Mexico sales tax, where applicable.
Original art is sold unframed unless otherwise noted.
Giclées and Prints
Giclées and Prints are available in a variety of sizes, framed and unframed.
For options and prices go to fineartamerica and click on the selected image.
5 x 7 inch cards are available through fineartamerica, just click on the selected image.
Single card: $ 4.95
Pack of 10 cards: $ 2.95/card
Pack of 25 cards: $ 2.50/card
Shipping is extra
Note that some images will be cropped to fit the 5 x 7 inch format. Click on the greeting card option and you will be able to adjust the cropping to your preference. Cards can be customized with your personal message inside at no additional cost.
iPhone and Samsung Galaxy cases
$25 Go to fineartamerica and click on the selected image.